Internal Cross-Linking Added

Posted May 8, 2024

Another helpful user feature has been added to MedAbbrev. Have you ever done a search and the result says to “see” another term? Now you can simply click on that referenced term and go directly to it. This is such a time saver!

These internal hot-links are identified with an arrow so you know which ones do an internal search and which ones go to Wikipedia. 

If you were to do a search on A & O, you would see the following results for example:

As you can see, there’s an arrow before the A&O. Just click on the blue A&O following that arrow and you’ll automatically perform a search on “A&O" and display those results as shown in the following screenshot:

Keep in mind that this ONLY works when you see the arrow . If you click on anything else that doesn’t have that arrow, you’ll be taken to Wikipedia like you always have. This also works for situations where possible typographical errors have an entry in MedAbbrev as shown in the following screenshot: