MedAbbrev.com and the book 1700 Medical Abbreviations: Conveniences at the Expense of Communicaitons and Safety first published in 1983 are the brain-child of Neil M. Davis, MS, PharmD, FASHP.

Neil M. Davis

Neil M. Davis, MS, PharmD, FASHP, is Professor Emeritus of Temple University School of Pharmacy, former Editor Emeritus of Hospital Pharmacy, and past President of Safe Medication Practices Consulting Inc.

Publications and Mentions

Medical Abbreviations Book

Since 1983 there have been 16 editions of Neil's groundbreaking work: "Medical Abbreviations: Conveniences at the Expense of Communicaiton and Safety"

First Edition, 1983 Cover
First Edition, 1983
1700 Terms
Second Edition, 1985 Cover
Second Edition, 1985
2300 Terms
Third Edition, 1987 Cover
Third Edition, 1987
4200 Terms
Fourth Edition, 1988 Cover
Fourth Edition, 1988
5500 Terms
Fifth Edition, 1990 Cover
Fifth Edition, 1990
7000 Terms
Sixth Edition, 1993 Cover
Sixth Edition, 1993
8600 Terms
Seventh Edition, 1995 Cover
Seventh Edition, 1995
10,000 Terms
Eighth Edition, 1997 Cover
Eighth Edition, 1997
12,000 Terms
Nineth Edition, 1999 Cover
Nineth Edition, 1999
14,000 Terms
Tenth Edition, 2001 Cover
Tenth Edition, 2001
15,000 Terms
Eleventh Edition, 2003 Cover
Eleventh Edition, 2003
24,000 Terms
Twelveth Edition, 2005 Cover
Twelveth Edition, 2005
26,000 Terms
Thirteenth Edition, 2007 Cover
Thirteenth Edition, 2007
28,000 Terms
Fourteenth Edition, 2009 Cover
Fourteenth Edition, 2009
30,000 Terms
Fifteenth Edition, 2011 Cover
Fifteenth Edition, 2011
32,000 Terms
Sixteenth Edition, 2020 Cover />
Sixteenth Edition, 2020
55,000 Terms

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History and Features of the Website and Book

The MedAbbrev.com website was created in 2001:

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MedAbbrev.com is an extension of the book and, as of today, contains 78,302 entries. MedAbbrev.com provides lightening-fast responses to searches. When any word in the response is clicked, you are connected to the Wikipedia.org monograph. As a subscriber, if requested, we will search for the possible meaning(s) of an abbreviation which was not found and get back to you.

We offer individual and site licenses. For site licenses, we can include your specific Do Not Use List, Supplemental Information, and abbreviations unique to your organization.

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In August 2023, innoviHealth Systems inc purchased the MedAbbrev book and website from Neil Davis in order to continue Neil's legacy of "Always Current."

innoviHealth began almost three decades ago with a vision for a single coding book to meet the needs of the chiropractic community. The year was 1993 and the first DeskBook containing code excerpts from the ICD-9, CPT, and HCPCS common code sets was finally available to a welcoming audience. Founder D. Henry Leavitt had birthed what would soon become the Chirocode Institute. As the new millennium began, D. Henry jumped on the Internet band-wagon and ChiroCode.com was officially launched. Now under the innoviHealth umbrella, ChiroCode shares common heritage with more recent global brands Find-A-Code, HCC Coder, Codapedia and QPro.

innoviHealth's unique blend of medical coding and information engineering skills are combined with on-going customer feedback to improve and simplify the process of medical coding for our users. innoviHealth develops customized, proven solutions for: ACOs, Payers, Hospital/Physician Groups, Coding, Reimbursement and Compliance Organizations, and Individuals/Small Groups of Professional Coders.

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