Icons for Warning and Danger Added

Posted April 24, 2024

There are known dangerous abbreviations which should be avoided. These situations now have a "danger" icon. Another frequent problem when using acronyms or abbreviations are situations where there is the potential for misinterpretation of an abbreviation which isn’t necessarily life threatening, but it could be wrongly interpreted. To help assist our customers, we have added new icons to help point out these potential pitfalls.

The following screenshot shows both of these icons for a search on “AD”:

There is a "Warning" icon on the "accidental death" entry and a "Danger" icon on the "alternating days" entry. If you hover over one of these new icons, you see the following:

Warning: term/abbreviation easily misinterpreted.
Danger: term/abbreviation easily misinterpreted; potentially life threatening.

We welcome any suggestions on adding these informational icons to any terms that you may think need updating - just let our friendly staff know about your ideas.

Don’t forget that we have a page dedicated to discussing how abbreviations can be dangerous. CLICK HERE to review that page.