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In the week ending September 29th, as part of our mission to be current and comprehensive, we have added 69 new entries - we now contain 70,339 entries.

Five of the 69 new entries are shown below-

BE FAST an acronym for stroke symptoms and the need for fast action (Balance or coordination loss, Eye or vision symptoms, such and blurry vision orvision loss, Face drooping or weakness, Arm weakness, Speech difficulty or loss, Time [get to the hospital fast])
DARFDrug Accountability Record Form (National Center Institute)
PPAE posttraumatic/postsurgery ankle edema
CKMconservative kidney management
RABOretinal artery branch occlusion
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As part of our mission to be current and comprehensive, this past week MEDical ABBREViations- Always Current has added 81 new entries- the site now contains 71,001 entries.